Friday Greetings — June 23

Dear Centenary friends,

No doubt you've heard it as often as I have - "Moderation in all things."  And that piece of conventional wisdom usually works just fine for most folks, some of the time - or for some folks, most of the time.  For instance, the consumption of certain high calorie, low nutrition substances doesn't ordinarily do great harm if those substances are consumed every once in a while, in reasonable amounts.  But "the rule of moderation" simply doesn't work for all of the people, all of the time...particularly in the area of relationships.  If you are married, imagine how you would feel if your spouse affirmed that he or she loves you moderately well, a moderate amount of the time.  I don't even want to think my through that conversation!  There are some aspects of life that require real commitment, even total commitment:  marriage and parenting come to mind!   The prime example is our relationship to Christ.  Just as Jesus was not moderately involved in God's salvation of the world - his saving grace required total commitment and the ultimate sacrifice - so we cannot be moderately interested in loving and following Jesus, and expect to experience significant growth in our discipleship.  Our journey with Jesus just doesn't work that way...which is exactly what Jesus says to his followers in this week's Gospel lesson.  It's all right there waiting for us in the 10th chapter of Matthew.

So, come to worship scripturally prepared!  This Sunday's Bible readings are Genesis 21:8-21 and Matthew 10:24-39.   Read both, and then ask yourself:  To what am I totally committed?  To whom am I totally committed?  Who is totally committed to me?

Opportunities to say "I'm all in!" come to us day by day; but amidst all the voices competing for our loyalty, the one most worthy of our unstinting devotion is the One whose voice we'll be listening for this Sunday, as we gather together in worship.
See you on Sunday!

Grace and Peace in Christ the Lord,
Pastor Susan