Friday Greetings — June 15

Dear Centenary friends,

By the time you read this, Annual Conference will be at the halfway point.  Time would fail me to tell you of all that has been discussed; let it suffice to say that much of it has been based upon and driven by differences of perspective amongst United Methodists.  (More about that later!)  No matter how large our human differences may seem, there is no difference of perspective as large as the one between the Divine Perspective and the Human Condition.  And that's exactly where we'll be headed this weekend in worship, as we explore the word of the Lord coming through the prophet Samuel.  

So, come to worship scripturally prepared!  This Sunday's Bible readings are 1Samuel 15:34-16:13 and Mark 4:26-34.  Our preacher this Sunday is the Rev. Rick Moser, so you'll want to read and heed his worship preparation pointers below!

If you really think about it, there are dozens of things which enhance our eyesight.  Sunglass advertisements claim to block the harmful rays of the sun.  Then they offer glasses that help us see at night…when all they really do is turn everything yellow.  I know.  I bought some!  Eyewear (what we used to call “glasses”) make fashion statements.  Some people wear glasses with clear glass just so they can look different.  Back in the 1969 I got my first pair of wire-frame glasses.  I was so proud of them.  I walked into my home church and the father of one of my friends in the youth group looked at me and said, “What are you doing wearing those hippie glasses?”  I was not happy.  When we look at others through the eyes of love, we see far differently than others do.  When we look at others through the eyes of prejudice, we see things that just aren’t there.  When we look at other from a human point of view, we see faults and failures.  When the sons of Jesse came before Samuel, God warned him not to look as humans look but to look as God would see.  When he did, some interesting things happened.  Maybe some interesting things will happen this week in worship, too.

Keep up those prayers for Annual Conference.

See you on Sunday!

Grace and Peace in Christ,

Pastor Susan