Friday Greetings — March 22

Dear Centenary friends,

A few weeks ago, tornadoes ravaged parts of the Southeast, especially Alabama.  One woman from the little town of Beauregard lost both her parents and most of her extended family.  Her story would break your heart:  she was headed to her parents’ home to make a special Sunday dinner for them and the whole family, but shortly after they returned home from church, both her parents were killed when one of tornados destroyed their home.  The losses did not end there:  as the day wore on, she learned of the deaths of 10 other family members, including a brother, an aunt, an uncle, and several cousins.  This sorrowful woman had some big questions:  “Why, why, why; just why?” she asked.  “You know, you don’t question the Lord, but I just got so many questions. You know, why?  Why this had to happen like this?  To everybody you know and love?  At one time?  Why?”  Her questions bear a striking resemblance to those asked by Jesus’s first disciples in this week’s lesson from Luke, but there is one distinction:  the disciples don’t share her scruples about questioning the Lord; they’re not the least bit hesitant to ask Jesus “Why, why, why?”  It’s all right there waiting for us in our Gospel lesson.

So, come to worship scripturally prepared!  This Sunday’s Bible readings are Isaiah 55:1-9 and Luke 13:1-9.  Read both passages and then ask yourself:  When have I faced overwhelming loss, and wondered “why, why, why”?  Did I share my questions with the Lord, or hold back for fear it wasn’t my place to question God?  How did that great loss and the questions it raised change my inner vision of who God is and who we are?

Opportunities to wonder why come to us day by day; but there’s no better time celebrate the One whose wondrous love is always beyond our fathoming, than when we’re in worship together.  See you on Sunday!

Lenten blessings,
Pastor Susan