Friday Greetings — November 9

Dear Centenary friends,

Relationships...what would life be without them?  In the aftermath of the storm, we've all been powerfully reminded that relationships are gold.  Our most "golden" relationship is our relationship with God, a triune God who is a personal community of relationships - three persons in one being.  And our God has made us in the divine image: i.e., we are made for relationship, designed to be in relationship with our Maker and with God's other children.   Relationships are who we are...but being in relationship isn't always simple or easy.  Sometimes things get complicated!  Whether it's our relationship with a family member, or our relationship with God's family, the relationships that make our lives what they are can stretch us and pull us in ways beyond what we could ever imagine.  And that's exactly where we find ourselves in this Sunday's Bible passages:  at the intersection of our relationships with others, and our relationship with the Lord.

So, come to worship scripturally prepared!  This Sunday's Bible readings are Ruth 3:1-4:17 and Mark 12:38-44.   Our preacher this week is the Rev. David Brosnan, so you'll want to read his worship preparation pointers below.

Our main texts for Sunday are from the Book of Ruth and the Gospel of Mark. Our message will revolve around a consideration of relationships: individual, family, and institutional. All of these relationships have a major bearing on the texts and on our lives as we live them. Sometimes we may feel that God has not been paying attention to us or our relationships.  Sunday we will find out just how much God is involved; even when we are not aware of it. So, come with expectations and a willingness to be surprised.

Opportunities to relate to each other as God relates to us come to us day by day; but there's no better time to celebrate the One who calls us to love one another as He has first loved us, than when we're together in worship together.

Grace and Peace in Christ the Lord,

Pastor Susan